Here Come the Wisps

The Wisps are here! Hand painted, featherweight scarves that are whisper-thin and a scaled-back size just right for summer styling. Drape one over a black cami or tie up your ponytail in a wisp silk scarf. The Wisps won't slow you down. Just a pop of style.

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For the Win: Denim and Silk

One of my favorite looks these days is a denim jacket with a hand painted, featherweight scarf. The floaty elegance of the silk scarf is perfectly complemented by the casual cool of the jean jacket. I wear this combo a lot—-popping to the grocery store, headed to a cafe, or even out to dinner. Scarf shown here is the featherweight Cupertino.

10 Rules for Reclaiming Your Summer Style

1. Hot pink and red absolutely go together. 100%. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar.

2. Wear something floaty and gorgeous made of featherweight silk. Um, shop summer scarves ASAP.

3. Manicure as desired. Best bet for pulling off the chipped look? OPI’s Linkin Park After Dark. You’re way too busy living a life right now.

4. One pair of cheap black sunglasses can get you everywhere you need to go. 

I became a working artist (and I bet you can too)

I'm not usually one for psychic readings, but last November I signed up for one from actor/writer Charlene deGuzman because I wanted to hear what advice a visionary writer might give a writer stalled between writing projects. Charlene told me stuff I’ve told my writing students like “Stop trying so hard” and she said my word going forward should be “allow.” I should just allow the next project to come. I’d been stuck long enough that “allowing” felt implausible. But I ripped a page from my sketch book with the patterns I’d been painting on silk and wrote the word “allow” in purple felt pen and stuck it to the fridge. 

Staying Cool at the Beach

In just a few ounces of clothing, can we still express our personal style?Can we still be kind of cool? Yes and yes. A few simple adds morph a swim suit into A Look—-black retro sunglasses, a wisp of a tattoo. And a hand painted Theo Nestor Designs scarf. Express yourself, even at the beach.

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