Artist? Writer? Candlestick MAKER?: Identity and the Creative

For the longest time, I wanted to be a writer. Decades. "A writer is a person who writes," I heard, and so I did. But I didn't call myself a writer until I started to get published and even then I always felt like I was exaggerating. Boasting. Maybe until my second book, Writing Is My Drink, came out. Then, I figured I must be a writer because not only did I write but I'd written a book about writing.

Scarf with book

But then a couple years ago, a few things happened in a row: A manuscript I was working on seemed to dry up and blow away right in front of my eyes; the 2016 Presidential Elections blew up our world; and an idea bloomed inside me. 

Midcentury Design hit in SFO International Airport

In a layover at SFO today, I was thrilled to find an exhibit called "The Modern Consumer: 1950s Product and Style" that features the same midcentury design and love for all things old California that inspired the California 1966 Collection. I particularly loved one dislplay that features motel memorabilia. I couldn’t help but think of childhood trips down the California coast and of the Monterery Bay Featherweight scarf.

When Friends Dress Alike

women in scarves

Remember when you were in high school and you called your friend up to see what she was going to wear to the dance? Maybe you wanted to wear the exact same thing (jeans, T-shirt, hoodie--or something totally original like that).

And sometimes grownups would roll their eyes and comment on how terrible it was that you dressed alike. Didn't you want to show any individuality? Didn't you want to show the world who YOU are? 

What to Wear to Give a Presentation, Keynote, or Host a Launch

You've pretty much figured out how to dress for work. Finally. You've got a style that's part you and part your profession and a decent number of ensembles you feel good in. Professional. 

But then a special work event comes along and you're thrown into a tailspin. I mean, yeah, you can do the expected thing--give the keynote, sell the product, meet the clients--but, um, what to wear. 


Introducing Scarves as Light as Boardwalk Cotton Candy




I'm just bringing these new super lightweight summer scarves called The Wisps out of the steamer. The Wisps are ideal for tying back your hair, wrapping around the handles of a purse, or pairing with a plain black cami. Nothing to weigh you down here. Just a pop of style. 

This Wisp, Boulder Creek Summer, is available now.