When Friends Dress Alike

Two women in hand painted scarves

Remember in high school how you called your friend up to see what she was going to wear to the dance? Maybe you wanted to wear the exact same thing (jeans, white T-shirt, baby blue hoodie--or something totally original like that).

And sometimes grownups would roll their eyes and comment on how terrible it was that you dressed alike. Didn't you want to show any individuality? Didn't you want to show the world who YOU are? 

But the truth: You WERE showing the world who you were. You were saying, "We are friends. Any questions?" 

And now we are grown up. We have our own style, but still maybe we want something that connects us to our friend. Maybe it would be kind of great, say, if you and your friend both had T-shirts from the Beyoncé concert or the same floppy sunhats from the Palm Springs getaway.

Or, maybe you both have a scarf from the same designer?

My new friend B. on the left is wearing a Fillmore West 1966 from the California 1966 and I'm wearing a Redwood Summer from California 1966's "Wisps."

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