Kodachrome your monochrome!



The Northwest woman has the monochromatic look on lock. Our closets spill over with black and gray. We, you know, don’t do color.And it works. Black slacks with gray sweater. Gray skirt with black T-shirt. Gray blouse with…well, you get it.

And so do we. On any given day you can see a gray and black river of us coursing our way through Seattle’s streets. We are hip. We are chic. We hide dirt.

But sometimes, it just gets so….bleak. And expected. Sometimes we need just a pop of something. And the thing about all that black and grey? It makes the perfect canvas for something bright, something mod, something surprising. A hand painted, midcentury-inspired scarf perhaps? 

Writer Amber Wong in her Theo Nestor Designs scarf named for her, "The Amber."






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