How a Beautiful Scarf Just Might Make Your Summer that Much More Fun

woman back with scarfWe've just slipped past the apex of summer, and if you're anything like me, you might be feeling a bit of panic right now. Like the season is going to slip by and how can you just grab it and wring every drop of pleasure out? How will you seize this summer day?

woman with scarfYesterday I had one of those magical days where I felt the spirit of play I felt when my daughters were young. It was actually supposed to be a "work day" with my oldest daughter, Elizabeth. But her afternoon of modeling for me turned into kind of a fairyland of summer pleasure and imagination. Sunshine flooded Seattle's UVillage. We sipped iced coffees and ate artisan ice cream. And, we played dress up, imagining all the different characters she embodied with each new scarf: Young executive on the rise, trust fund baby, manic pixie dream girl. 






"What's this next scenario?" she asked at one point.

"Okay," I said. "You've just gotten home from Coachella and your waiting for your next trust fund check to roll in." 

Sometimes, we just had to stop and laugh. 



woman with scarf outsideAnd, in the midst of all this fun, I realized how the scarves had invited this feeling of play and offered a little glimpse of long ago days of summer afternoons fueled by imagination.

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