10 Rules for Reclaiming Your Summer Style


1. Hot pink and red absolutely go together. 100%. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar.

2. Wear something floaty and gorgeous made of featherweight silk. Um, shop summer scarves ASAP.

3. Manicure as desired. Best bet for pulling off the chipped look? OPI’s Linkin Park After Dark. You’re way too busy living a life right now.

4. One pair of cheap black sunglasses can get you everywhere you need to go. 5. When in doubt, face into the wind and pout slightly.

6. Pouty lips need sun protection and maybe just a pop of pink. Seen here: Clinique’s Raspberry Glacé.

7. Be photographed by the sea.

8. Target has great swimwear. Save your money for handmade things and sushi dinners.

9. Rock a two piece. Let your stomach have sun. Let your stomach just BE.

10. Listen to Lizzo’s “Good as Hell” at top volume. “I do my hair toss/check my nails....”

Shop featherweight scarves now.



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