Happy Birthday, Madonna!

Do you remember the first time you heard Madonna? Or more likely saw Madonna? Lucky Star. Into the Groove. Like A Virgin. Rolling on the floor in a tricked-up wedding dress at the Grammys. Black bracelets stacked on her arms in Desperately Seeking Susan.

What is lovelier than a summer afternoon?

Once I had a winter so sad I felt hopeless about the future. Even the spring was bad. I knew I had to do something. One day in April I got the idea to dig up a patch of garden right below my front porch. Once it was dug up, I went to the store and bought dozens of dahlia roots in every imaginable color.

Scarves Hike the Swiss Alps!

These scarves travel, I'm telling you. Roll one up with some tissue paper, pop it into a ziplock, and you've just added .3 ounces and a way cool accessory to your suitcase.

How a Beautiful Scarf Just Might Make Your Summer that Much More Fun

We've just come past the apex of summer and if you're anything like me, you might be feeling a bit of panic right now. Like the season is going to slip by and how can you just grab it and wring every drop of pleasure out. 
woman back with scarf\

Lavender Festival!

Today is the opening of the Sequim Lavender Festival, about 45 minutes north of me.